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This page covers the 6 Divisions and regions in those Divisions.
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Listing of clubs in Blue Mountains

Club LocationClub NameMeeting VenueMeetsContactClub Email and Website
BlaxlandEnhance (Advanced club)Blaxland Primary School Hall, 5 Baden Place, Blaxland7:30 p.m. 1st Wednesday4739 2771martin@weit.com.au
BlaxlandGlenbrookBlaxland Primary School, School Hall, 5 Baden Place, Blaxland7:30 pm 2nd & 4th Wednesday0415 950 492glenbrooktm@gmail.com http://glenbrooktm.org.au/
KatoombaBlue MountainsThe Carrington Hotel, 15-47 Katoomba St., Katoomba7:30 pm 2nd & 4th Monday0411 288 241contact-7593@toastmastersclubs.org www.7593.toastmastersclubs.org
SpringwoodSpringwoodRed Cross Hall, Macquarie Road, Springwood7:30 pm 1st & 3rd Monday4739 1239fthiggins@bigpond.com

Note for District 90 Clubs

If you need to change any details about your Club as shown in the tables on this site,
then log into Club Central on the TI website and make the changes required there.
When our District Directory is updated, the changes made will be reflected in these tables.

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